Maggie White

"Wow!! Beyond impressed!! Maggie is absolutely awesome, so professional, incredible to work with, and all around amazing!" - K. Moran

I am a Colorado native by way of Littleton and Montrose; growing up mainly in Montrose. My life there as a child was amazing and solidified my deep love for Colorado. I lived in Loveland a number of years ago as an early adult and then bounced all over the country. I came back here in 2011 to settle down and raise my 3 pretty amazing kiddos!

When I’m not working and creating a life for my children and I, you can find me skiing (both water and snow), hiking, sitting poolside, or engaging in any number of events the surrounding cities have to offer. Who doesn’t love the Corn Roast Fest or Peach Fest every year?! I love showing my family what such a loving, creative, and all together inclusive community Northern Colorado is. I couldn’t have asked for a better place to leave my legacy.

I came to real estate by way of business ownership. I have owned two businesses here in Loveland and have enjoyed becoming part of the community. One real estate related company really helped me to travel the path to becoming a broker and feeding my passion to help people. I have owned, sold, and rented a number of homes in my lifetime and done my fair share of sweat equity in many. I have even built a home from the ground up in CO. I love every bit of each of those experiences and strive to bring my clients that same energy.

Above all, my commitment to my core values will always take precedence over any business I do throughout my life. My honesty, transparency, and passion for customer service are what drives my everyday life. I have always believed and continue to champion for the client’s needs before my own. That means that I will never put a deal, home, office, or check before my client’s needs. I would rather refer you to another agent or walk away completely before putting your best interests at risk. That’s why I joined 8z.

With 8z, I can always stand behind my company and know we are aligned in our values towards serving our clients and community. We live and work within the areas we do business in and my children are part of that. With 8z and myself, the client will never have to wonder if the agent is really on their side. There’s simply no question to the lengths we both will go to make sure you leave satisfied and truly supported throughout the entire process. These are some of the biggest investments our clients will ever make. We want to be sure your experience leaves you feeling empowered!

I’ve learned over the years that you’re only as good as your team. With me, 8z, my colleagues, and circle of amazing team members; you can rest peacefully that we can handle whatever the next real estate adventure you engage in brings.

K. Moran

Wow!! Beyond impressed!! Maggie is absolutely awesome, so professional, incredible to work with, and all around amazing!

C. Harrison

What an amazing experience. I would highly recommend using Maggie.

H. Garcia

Amazing! Not only the talent, but the work ethic, customer service and integrity.